Hi, I'm Jochem Van Gool/ JocArt.


I'm a freelance animator/illustrator. Besides 2D animation (hand drawn animation) and Illustration, who are mostly done digitally nowadays, I'm also trying to keep my painting and graffiti skills sharp.


I worked on different short movies and commercials (e.g. Schaapjes Tellen, BOIC ,support team Belgium commercial,...).I also had the pleasure of working with video artist David Claerbout.


Though I'm specialized in 2D animation, I try to keep things interesting by doing lots and lots of different stuff: character design, board games, caricature, murals, graffiti pieces, artwork, gift cards, invitations,... all in the field of creating concepts or characters.


If you have any interesting project for me, I'll be happy to hear it from you.

Here's my CV for additional information.